Chicken, Served Twice

When you buy a huge pack of chicken breasts, you make two different meals.  Last night, I decided to make some Chicken Panang Curry and Chicken Parmesan.  Nothing wrong with cooking double meals, because there will always be leftovers.  Almost like food prepping, but in my household it’ll be gone the next day.  I first prepared the chicken in some brine.  This is something I learned just recently.  It give the chicken more flavor and I find that it is moist as well. Thankfully, I found a new paste to use for the curry.  It’s flavorful and easy to use.  As for the Parmesan, it was simple to make.  I baked my chicken at a high temperature in the oven.  It cooked evenly and the chicken came out tender.

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Chicken, Served Twice


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